Cross-border real estate investment in Asia soared in the third quarter Cross-border real estate

According to CBRE’s third-quarter report, investment growth has increased by 20% to $ 25.6 billion over the same period in 2014, despite a 24% decrease in investment volume over the same period. last year. Due to the belief and optimism, the investment in Japan, and Australia accounted for 56% of the total turnover of the region in the third quarter.

Cross-border real estate investment in Asia accounted for 36% of total revenue from the beginning of the year
So far, up 36% QoQ to $ 10.6 billion
CBRE’s senior research director for Asia Pacific said that the region’s investment environment is experiencing stable real estate business this quarter due to new interest rates from local investors. West, along with the rise of Asian investors and fund managers. International investment institutions continue to expand their real estate portfolio in the region as they seek long-term investments to generate a return on inflation.
With the pace of transnational investment income, Asian investors continue to invest abroad to diversify their portfolios. In the third quarter, the volume of investment focused on major deals for a wide range of properties, including the sale of hotels such as InterContinental Hong Kong to Gaw Capital valued at $ 940 million and the acquisition of CIC at a price of $ 1.7 billion from Investa, Australia. This move reflects the strong investment made by large-scale investment institutions.
In addition, research results indicate that there has been an increase in capital inflows from major international investors in India and reinforced by faster GDP growth than in China.